Love & War – eBook now available on Amazon


The year is 1940 and the North and South territories of the former Republic of Goryeo are at war.

When her parents become casualties of war and her only brother takes over command of the South’s resistance forces, Hwang So Eun is sent undercover to infiltrate the household of the infamous Lieutenant General Han Jinhwan—the one they call “the Devil”.

“He’s the devil in disguise.”

That was the kind of man that everyone though he was. Thousands of lives had been ended in his hands, families torn apart, homes consumed by flames. They feared him, they hated him and they wanted him dead.

“He has no weaknesses.”

That was what they told her when they sent her to his side. Her mission? To uncover a single crack beneath the seemingly perfect facade of the devil.

She thought she had prepared herself for everything that was to be expected.

She didn’t expect him.

The very first full-length (and bloody long) novel that I’ve ever written is finally seeing the light of day on Amazon. I thought to put this here for the record, because actually publishing a book of my own is a dream that I’ve had since I was a kid but never thought would actually become a reality. It’s not literature–far from it–but it’s something that I spent over three years working on, so to me it’s worth something.

I first started writing these stories because I was getting annoyed with drama scriptwriters for not being able to deliver satisfactory plot developments and endings (oh especially the endings), so I thought “hey, why don’t I write these dramas myself?” Poof, the ideas just kept coming and the words just kept appearing on the page like verbal diarrhoea. And years later, here we are with something that I’m actually not too ashamed to show the world (I think).

Hopefully I’ll be able to diversify my writing in time to come and maybe work my way towards JK Rowling (as if), but this will have to do for now 🙂

Love & War is now available as an eBook on Amazon Kindle for US$2.99. Paperback version will be available in October 2018. 

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